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  • Repeal the Ban on Sunday Liquor Sales


By Eric Jayne

baseballWalt Whitman once said that “baseball is the hurrah game! well—it's our game: that's the chief fact in connection with it: America's game: has the snap, go, fling, of the American atmosphere—belongs as much to our institutions, fits into them as significantly, as our constitutions, laws: is just as important in the sum total of our historic life.”

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By George Kane

george head smallThe next session of the Minnesota legislature opens on February 25. It will not be as intense for secular activists as last year’s session, when same-sex marriage dominated attention, but every year there are bills of concern. Conservative Christians are eternally committed to undermining Jefferson’s wall of separation between church and state, and defining America as a Christian nation.

This crusade is championed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which provides model bills for conservative legislators to introduce in their states. Because there are Minnesota lawmakers who are members of ALEC, a religion-based bill introduced in other states could be introduced here, so if such a bill surfaced in another state, we would at least know what we could expect in ours.

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By Greg Peterson

DoubtingDoubting Jesus' Resurrection: What Happened in the Black Box? (Retails for $21.93 in Paperback)

“Nothing is esteemed a miracle,” wrote brilliant Scottish philosopher David Hume, “if it ever happen in the common course of nature. It is no miracle that a man, seemingly in good health, should die on a sudden: because such a kind of death, though more unusual than any other, has yet been frequently observed to happen. But it is a miracle, that a dead man should come to life; because that has never been observed in any age or country.”

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hug an atheistMinnesota Atheists is pleased to sponsor the first authorized public showing of “Hug An Atheist” in Minnesota. This is a documentary film by Sylvia Broeckx about atheism in the USA, dispelling myths and untruths by following ordinary American atheists on their journey through life.

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By August Berkshire

beerOnce again a bill has been introduced in the Minnesota legislature to try to repeal the state’s ban on Sunday liquor sales at liquor stores. Governor Mark Dayton has signaled his willingness to sign the repeal, though it is not a priority for him.

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2014 Atheist Baseball & Regional Conference

July 11: Atheist Baseball Game

2014-baseball-logo Presented by Minnsota Atheists and FFRF, the St. Paul Saints become the Mr. Paul Aints to play Kansas City at Midway Stadium in Saint Mister Paul, Minnesota.

July 12: All Star Conference

Presented by Minnesota Atheists and Humanists of Minnesota, guest speakers include Susan Jacoby, Rebecca Watson, and more!

RiverCentre, Saint Mister Paul, Minnesota

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