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candleBy Eric Jayne

On February 10, Craig Stephen Hicks, a white middle aged atheist, gunned down three young Muslim college students—all of whom were of Palestinian descent. Deah Shaddy Barakat, the oldest victim at the age of 23, was pursuing a doctorate in dentistry and planning a trip to Turkey to assist children in a Syrian refugee camp with emergency dental work. Also killed was Barakat’s wife, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and her sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha. Yusor was planning to study dentistry in the fall at North Carolina State University and Razan was a sophomore there.

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By Stephanie Zvan
Reprinted from the blog Almost Diamond with permission

stephanie zvanI am not a rationalist.

I have friends who are rationalists. I do my best to think of it as a nice little hobby of theirs. I do cryptograms and other puzzles in my down time. They spend time hacking their thinking processes, or trying to. We’ve all got our thing.

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By Grant Steves

grant stevesIn 2007, Charles Taylor published his book, A Secular Age. It is a 900 page treatise on the philosophical and sociological history and critique of secularism. Since the Reformation secularism in Western culture has increased and the signs of that can be seen in three ways.

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mna-aints-2015-3-webFor the last three years the Minnesota Atheists took over the St. Paul Saints minor league baseball team for a night of unbelievable fun. This year the Saints will be playing in their brand new, state of the art ballpark (CHS Field in downtown St. Paul) and we would love to see the team wearing our re-branded—secular friendly—Mister Paul Aints jerseys there.

Because the Saints are moving to a new, bigger and fancier ballpark the sponsorship fees have increased. The Minnesota Atheists has a co-sponsor but we're falling a little short of our funding goals. We need an additional $1,500 to help us offset some of the sponsorship fee so we are reaching out to our members and supporters to help us fund this event.

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d brooksDavid Brooks recently wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times about what he views as the perils of secularism. Several media outlets, including the Minneapolis Star Tribune, picked up his article. The president of Minnesota Atheists had a rebuttal published in the Sunday, February 8 edition of the Star Tribune. Two other rebuttals were also written by Minnesota Atheists board officers: Stephanie Zvan (associate president) and August Berkshire (director-at-large). All three rebuttals are printed below.

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