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  • Are the "Nones" done with Civic Engagement?
  • February meeting: Varieties of African American Atheism.
  • January 21st, listen to LGBT rights activist, Marissa McCool
  • Atheist Talk Radio celebrates 10 year anniversary
  • Winter Solstice Celebration: A Festivus for the Rest of Us

NonesCivicEngagementMartin Olav Sabo Symposium
February 28, 2018
6-8 PM

Augsburg University, Hagfors Center, Room 150
700 21st Street, Minneapolis, 55454

Are the "Nones" Done with Civic Engagement?
Organizing the religiously unaffiliated in today's climate of polarization

How do the religiously unaffiliated factor into this current moment of political polarization, when many are seeking to increase political and civic participation?

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VarietiesofAfricanAtheismSunday, February 18th 2:00pm
Rondo Public Library

You are invited to the February Public Meeting of Minnesota Atheists:
In honor of February being Black History Month, we are pleased to feature Professor Michael Lackey, who will speak on “Varieties of African American Atheism.”
Prof. Lackey will start by pointing out that there are many types of atheists. Bertrand Russell objected to belief in God on the basis of science. Karl Marx objected to belief in God on the basis of politics. Sigmund Freud objected to belief in God on the basis of psychology. Virginia Woolf objected to belief in God on the basis of feminism.
This variety of atheism also applies to the black community. Prof. Lackey will then survey some of the most prominent African American atheists: Nella Larsen, J. Saunders Redding, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wright, Lorraine Hansberry, and Alice Walker, just to name a notable few.

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You are invited to the January Public Meeting of Minnesota Atheists. 

We will start at 1:15 PM with our Business Meeting and our annual Board Nominations. At 2:00 PM we welcome our featured speaker LGBT rights activist Marissa McCool.

Marissa is an atheist, LGBT rights activist and speaker, multiple podcast host, author, columnist, and stage performer whose goal is to speak out, speak loudly, and bring visibility to LGBT issues.
Marissa came out as a trans woman in the midst of the 2016 election and kicked down the closet door by screaming in a hate pastor’s face and publishing a visceral reaction to the circumstances. In the last year, she has published five books, started a nonprofit for trans content creators, hosted podcasts, and has traveled all over the country.
Marissa McCoolMarissa has authored a total of nine books, including The PC Lie: How American Lives Decided I Don’t Matter, False Start: A Novel, Silent Dreams, and her newest novel Voice in the Dark. As host of the Inciting Incident podcast, she begins conversations on difficult topics in current events. In addition to many different interviews, such as with Noah Lugeons, Karen Garst, Dan Arel, and Chris Kluwe, to name a few, she hosts individual topics and conversations about LGBT rights, transgender visibility, suicide and mental health awareness, and the myths of PC Culture.
At the January Public Meeting, we will hear more about her story and her insights. An important takeaway will be that, as atheists, we are not immune to toxic cultural influences in regard to how marginalized communities are treated. As freethinkers and critical thinkers, we must always challenge our preconceptions. We hope you will join us for this insightful presentation by Marissa Alexa McCool.

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AtheistRadioVolunteersA big Thank you goes out to all the hard-working volunteers and supporters of Atheist Talk Radio, on the air now for ten years! An amazing effort that could not have been achieved without you, our critical thinking listeners. 

A special thanks to Q.Cumbers Restaurant, a sponsor for all ten years! 

To learn more about the show check out the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/AtheistsTalk/

Or follow them on Twitter here: @atheiststalk


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Axial tiltSaturday, December 16 at 5 PM - 8 PM

Minnesota Humanities Center
987 Ivy Ave E, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106

Join us for a fun secular celebration of the season! Humanists of Minnesota are hosts this year of this annual event that we sponsor with Minnesota Atheists. Freethinkers are re-making the holiday based on the real reason for the season -- the WINTER SOLSTICE (i.e. axial tilt) -- to create a FESTIVUS for the rest of us! Dinner, comedy, music, and more. Space is limited so register now!

Click this link to reserve your spot!


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