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  • Atheist Baseball and All-Star Conference in July
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  • May Meeting: Illusion of Free Will and its Impact on Moral Responsibility

By Eric Jayne

2014-baseball-logoPublished in the St. Paul Pionner Press on July 10, 2014

A Google search for "Faith and Family Night" pulls up a long list of professional sports teams holding a celebratory day dedicated to religious faith.

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By August Berkshire 

shirtIn March 1984, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, then president of American Atheists, came to Minneapolis as the featured speaker for the annual fundraising dinner for the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union (now the ACLU-MN).

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AINTS USE THISSt. Paul, MN, June 23, 2014 – Atheist baseball and the All-Star Freethought Conference is coming to Minnesota in July! The Minnesota Atheists and Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) are partnering with the Saint Paul Saints minor league baseball team for a night of “unbelievable” fun on Friday, July 11 at 7:05pm at Midway Stadium in Saint Paul. The game will be followed up with an All-Star Conference the next day at 9am at the RiverCentre in beautiful downtown St. Paul.

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By George Francis Kane

george head smallSince Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement in 2006, supporters of Jefferson’s wall of separation between church and state have feared that the Supreme Court would dismantle its Establishment Clause protections. That came to pass on May 5 when the Supreme Court rendered its decision in the Town of Greece v. Greenwald case.

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august headThe question of whether or not we have free will has been debated for thousands of years. What affects do determinism, indeterminism, and randomness have on free will? What are the obstacles to perceiving free will as an illusion?

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2014 Atheist Baseball & Regional Conference

July 11: Atheist Baseball Game

2014-baseball-logo Presented by Minnsota Atheists and FFRF, the St. Paul Saints become the Mr. Paul Aints to play Kansas City at Midway Stadium in Saint Mister Paul, Minnesota.

July 12: All Star Conference

Presented by Minnesota Atheists and Humanists of Minnesota, guest speakers include Susan Jacoby, Rebecca Watson, and more!

RiverCentre, Saint Mister Paul, Minnesota

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