Last Updated November 2015

Minnesota Atheists Committees

To join a committee, please contact the committee chair as listed below, or contact a Minnesota Atheists board member.


Membership Committee
Chair: Heather Hegi,
    Works to maintain current membership, solicit new members, welcome new members, and foster a positive atheist community. Secondary role is to solicit donations.

Program and Activities Committee
Chair: Heather Hegi,
    Plans and executes activities for members (most of which are also open to the general public), such as monthly meetings, Meetups, social hours, picnics, 5th Sunday dinners, Day of Reason, booths and marches at festivals, Winter Solstice Party, Regional Conference, debates, etc.

Building Committee
Chair: Andy Flamm,, 612-251-3904
    Researches possible buildings to buy, plans for the successful transition to ownership and supervises use of the building once obtained.


Public Policy Committee
Chair: George Kane,, 651-488-8225
    Clarifies our political position on issues that pertain to separation of state and church, including vouchers, stem cell research, gay rights, sex education, contraception, abortion, voluntary euthanasia, etc.

Speakers Bureau & Education Committee
Chair: Open
    Provides free MNA speakers for the media, schools, and events hosted by other groups. Develops a curriculum and trains speakers. Creates handouts.

Public Relations Committee
Chair: Open
    Creates press releases, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor that it sends to the media.

Public Service/Charities Committee
Chair: Eric Jayne,, 952-261-8207
    Partners with Volunteers Beyond Belief to plan and initiate activities that help people and strengthen our community.



Web/Technology Committee
Chair: Grant Hermanson,
    Designs and manages website.  Manages mailing list, Mail Chimp, and Atheists Weekly E-mail (AWE).

Podcast/Radio Committee
Chair: Brianne Bilyeu,
    Creates and broadcasts the radio show Atheists Talk, and posts podcasts.

Cable TV Committee (& Crew)
Chair: Steve Petersen,, 651-484-9277
    Produces and distributes cable programs.

Editorial Board & Newsletter Committee
Chair: George Kane,, 651-488-8225
Editor: Jenny Nolan,
    Produces newsletter.

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