Report from the Christmas Battlefield

By Eric Jayne

mna holiday bagA couple battles that took place during last year’s War on Christmas happened in St. Paul. The first one came the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the Family Place shelter. Fourteen atheists cooked up sloppy joes, beans, and homemade cookies for about 25 shelter guests. In addition to the kitchen cooking and cleaning, we also sanitized toys in the children’s play area, cleaned some of the common areas, and wiped down additional dining tables and chairs. This was immediately followed up with social time and drinks at a nearby spot in Lowertown.

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Nov. and Dec. TV Show Report

By Steve Petersen

cable.nov.12In November, we recorded one program, “The War on Science.” In this program, Stephanie Zvan interviewed Greg Laden about the historical begins of the war on science and how this continues today.  Laden starts with Darwin's time and evolution, the theory that caused many religious  people to fight science and the theory of Evolution becuase their creation myth was not compatible and so the war began and continues today.

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President's Column: Atheism Plus Humanism

By August Berkshire

august headWhen we began as the Twin Cities Chapter of American Atheists in 1984, and when we became Minnesota Atheists in 1991, we chose the word “Atheists” for three reasons. First, it is an accurate description of who we are. Second, we did not want to choose a more euphemistic word, such as “freethinker” because, in defining it, we would eventually have to admit we were atheists. We felt it was far better to start off with the truth than to hide behind another word. And finally, we chose “Atheists” because it was inclusive. For example, you could belong to any political party and still be an atheist.

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An Atheist Response to Sandy Hook

By Eric Jayne

eric.mug.1 origEven though the world didn’t come to an end last year, 2012 concluded with a horrible tragedy in Connecticut that deeply disturbed people all around the world. I was so personally distraught from following the events through news reports that I had to reach for my tissues while trying to concentrate with work.

The appeals to God and calls for prayer immediately spread through social and mainstream media. The shooter and his actions were described as “evil” while the young victims were claimed to now be “angels”. Not only are these descriptions inaccurate, but they severely hinder progress to solutions.

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News and Notes

By George Kane

george head smallA sad result of November’s election was the loss by Congressman Peter Stark, a Democrat from the southern region of the San Francisco Bay Area, ending a 40-year stint. As every avid secularist in America knew, Stark was Congress’ only professed non-believer in a supernatural god. That role will now be filled by Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who is also an out-of-the-closet bisexual. In Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin won election to the Senate, defeating former Governor Tommy Thompson. Baldwin, an open lesbian, is one of several freshman legislators who refuse to state their religious affiliation.

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