March Radio Report

By Mike Haubrich

Atheists Talk continues to be a solid outreach program for the Minnesota Atheists, and I am pleased to report that plans are in the works to branch into two separate projects related to the show.

August Berkshire is going to pilot a hybrid version of the show on KTNF radio, using his skills at outreach and dialog with the religious. There is the possibility that the new show, a shared program with a theistic co-host, may be picked up by KTNF as one of their own shows! Please show support for this project by listening and encouraging your friends to listen.


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March News & Notes

george_head_small.jpgBy George Kane

The first vote of the 111th Congress with significance to the separation of church and state was a success, but not everyone on the religious right realized that they had suffered a defeat. One of the provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was originally to be $10 billion for repairs and facility construction at eligible colleges. Funds were not to be available for theological seminaries, or at secular colleges for buildings used for religious instruction. Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina offered an amendment "to allow the free exercise of religion at institutions of higher education that receive (repair and reconstruction) funding." In other words, the amendment would have opened up the government funding to religious education.


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Camp Quest of Minnesota

By Jeannette Watland

As an atheist, I am often secluded and out of place in society. I can only imagine how different a child feels when they realize they are the only non-believer in their classroom. When I found out about Camp Quest a year ago I was filled with hope and excitement. Here is a place where adults and children alike can be themselves in a comfortable and welcoming environment. I had to check it out and doing so was one of the best choices I have ever made. The adult volunteers are wonderful people and I really feel like I can relate to them. The children and young adults I have encountered are absolutely amazing. All the kids I have had the pleasure to mentor at Camp Quest are funny, smart, and intuitive. I couldn't think of a better place for growing freethinkers.

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Frist Amendment Watchdog Committee March Report

The Minnesota Atheists and the Humanists of Minnesota have established the First Amendment Watchdog committee which has been meeting monthly since 5/27/08.  The committee purpose is to focus on church-state separation violations in the State of Minnesota.  Early in its existence our committee addressed the matter of a large Christian banner hanging from the ceiling in the high school cafeteria at Kimball, Minnesota.  It was observed by one of our members while attending a basketball game there in the evening.  This matter was referred to ACLU-MN by the committee.  Chuck Samuelson, Executive Director of ACLU-MN, immediately sent a letter to the Superintendent of that school district, pointing out the potential violation of the law and recommended remedial action.  This incident is an example of the role our committee can play in addressing such violations. 

Other issues addressed by the committee include:  1. Questionable practices of Charter Schools in relation to church-state separation.  2. Tax supported programs like Positive Alternatives (anti-choice counseling services for pregnant women).  3. Tax credits and deductions for Christian home schools. 4. Tuition write-offs for parochial school tuition.  5. Property tax exemptions for church property.  6. Creationism in public high school science classes (an estimated 25% of our students are being taught creation science in public school biology classes as an alternative to evolution).  Due to our actions FFRF might be interested in Positive Alternatives.

The committee has decided to develop a network of watchdogs throughout the state.  Any member of a Freethought group can volunteer.  They would report violations observed in their area to the committee which would offer consultation on how the issue might be addressed.  Other resources such as ACLU-MN, FFRF and American's United would be utilized.  If legislative issues arise that the committee believes should be addressed, the watchdog advocates may be asked to contact their respective legislators.  Our goal is to establish a watchdog advocate in each of the 67 Senate Districts.  If there are more than one in a district we will connect you with each other.  We have come to the realization that the Freethought community needs to organize to make their voice heard.

If you are interested in becoming a watchdog contact us at (MN Atheists) or (H of M).  We will need your name, email address, phone number, Senate district #, State Senator or State Representative if known.  If you do not know who represents you or what district you are in we can supply that information based on your address.

Bob Schmitz, Chair

First Amendment Watchdog Committee


The Sunny Skeptic: "A Reinvention Can Gain Attention"

crystal_small.jpgBy Crystal Dervetski

So you're swimming along and trying to meet new people, but sometimes it still feels like you've hit a snag or that you're in a rut. This is the time of year when everyone's New Year's Resolutions start to tank. Perhaps it's time to think about trying a personal reinvention. I know it can be a frightening consideration, but reinventing yourself can be a great way to get a fresh perspective, and can help people see you in a different light as well. Here are some tips for reinventing yourself that will not only make you feel better about your personal style, but may also benefit others. Since we know atheists are often (wrongly) criticized as not being charitable people, these are a few simple options for helping yourself and others at the same time.


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