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By Grant Steves

grant stevesIn 2007, Charles Taylor published his book, A Secular Age. It is a 900 page treatise on the philosophical and sociological history and critique of secularism. Since the Reformation secularism in Western culture has increased and the signs of that can be seen in three ways.


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Atheist Night at new CHS Field - Leave Your Soles at the Gate


Minnesota Atheists is teaming up with Foundation Beyond Belief this year for the 4th annual “Atheist Night” minor league baseball game in St. Paul, MN on Saturday, August 8. This year’s game will be played in the St. Paul Saints’ brand new downtown stadium, CHS Field! It’s billed as Leave Your Soles at the Gate because we’re asking fans to bring new or gently used shoes for donation to those in need.

Just like previous years, the home team players will wear secularized “Mr. Paul Aints” jerseys featuring the scarlet atheist “A”. Our banners will hang throughout the stadium and the “S” in “Saints” signs will be covered. There will also be new atheist-themed antics between innings added to the unbelievably fun evening.

The shoes we collect will be delivered by volunteers from Minnesota Atheists to Soles4Souls which is a secular 501c3 nonprofit “dedicated to fighting the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty.”


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Secularism: Minnesota Atheists Responds to David Brooks

d brooksDavid Brooks recently wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times about what he views as the perils of secularism. Several media outlets, including the Minneapolis Star Tribune, picked up his article. The president of Minnesota Atheists had a rebuttal published in the Sunday, February 8 edition of the Star Tribune. Two other rebuttals were also written by Minnesota Atheists board officers: Stephanie Zvan (associate president) and August Berkshire (director-at-large). All three rebuttals are printed below.


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Children's Hospital of MN Offers MN Atheists a Distinctive Thanks

By Eric Jayne

childrens hospital letter to MNA highlightedMinnesota Atheists recently received a nice thank you letter from Children’s Hospital of Minnesota after we donated two carloads of toys and other gifts to benefit hospital patients and their families as part of our comprehensive War on Christmas campaign. The letter starts off with a standard greeting, and, is in all other parts a standard thank you letter—all other parts except for one. The second paragraph opens with the following line: Please accept our heartfelt appreciation of your generous gift given in memory of not believing in Jesus to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.


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