Footprints on the Web

By Eric Jayne
eric_mug.jpgMy digital footprint has been causing me a little stress lately now that I have joined a very competitive labor market vying for a job. Not that I’m ashamed of my digital footprint but I feel that my outspoken support for atheism, science, and civil liberties (via secularism) may be a turnoff to prospective employers who bother to do a little Google research for “Eric Jayne” in “Minnesota”. I offer this apologetic article, in defense of my online atheistic activity, to prospective employers who may have stumbled upon this piece from their online search efforts.

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Recent Events

By George Kane
george_head_small.jpgPresentation on Religious Indoctrination
On Sunday, July 25, Grant Steves gave perhaps his last public presentation for Minnesota Atheists, before he moves to Wisconsin in September. Speaking to about 40 attendees at the Golden Valley Library, Grant deconstructed the processes of religious conversion and deconversion, based on his personal journey as a Jehovah’s Witness, Roman Catholic, and finally an atheist. He spoke in particular detail of the emotional context of conversion, and how cults are adept at manipulating new adherents with fear and release from crises in their lives.

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You Will Read This Title

By James Zimmerman
james_head.jpgIn novels, plays, and motion pictures, it’s always the same. From Star Wars to the Matrix, Lord of the Rings to Battlestar Galactica to Harry Potter and even Julius Caesar, there’s a prophecy, and the characters have been holding to it for many years, generations even. The problem is, the prophecy is so vague, no one can agree on its meaning. Even when the prophecy’s fulfillment is readily apparent to some of the characters, others balk. In the rare cases there’s a general consensus regarding the prophecy’s fulfillment, it’s only post-fulfillment that such agreement arises, thereby rendering the prophecy sterile.

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