Minnesota Atheists at Target Field

 By Eric Jayne
mna group.jpgIf you were at the Minnesota Twins game this past Mother’s Day you may have noticed a geeky-looking individual wearing a purple Minnesota Atheists t-shirt, standing on the main plaza holding a yellow sign that read “Minnesota Atheists” written in black marker. That "geek" was me. The purpose of the sign was to alert Minnesota Atheists members who RSVPed for the Twins group outing where I was so they could pick up their tickets for the game. The sign also attracted the attention of several passersby, Twins security, and even the Minneapolis Police Department. While the extra attention from my sign truly was unintended, it was not unexpected. My plan was to simply ignore snide remarks (which I received) and not draw additional attention by engaging in arguments. My plan worked and it turned out to be a victorious day for the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Atheists.

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Richard Dawkins answers "What if You're Wrong?"

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Richard Dawkins Refuting Creationism

Richard Dawkins
October 7, 2009
Berkeley, CA
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