You Will Read This Title

By James Zimmerman
james_head.jpgIn novels, plays, and motion pictures, it’s always the same. From Star Wars to the Matrix, Lord of the Rings to Battlestar Galactica to Harry Potter and even Julius Caesar, there’s a prophecy, and the characters have been holding to it for many years, generations even. The problem is, the prophecy is so vague, no one can agree on its meaning. Even when the prophecy’s fulfillment is readily apparent to some of the characters, others balk. In the rare cases there’s a general consensus regarding the prophecy’s fulfillment, it’s only post-fulfillment that such agreement arises, thereby rendering the prophecy sterile.

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Happy Harmonies

By Eric Jayne
edward_sharpe.jpgLooking for a cult-like experience without the dangerous mind control, cyanide laced Kool-Aid,* and pungent commune?  Allow me to introduce you to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Besides my childhood experience at Bible camp, their June 6 performance at First Ave. in Minneapolis was the closest I have come to encountering a cult experience.

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Book Review - Leadership: From the Inside Out

By Grant Steves
leadership.jpgLeadership: From the Inside Out, Kevin Cashman.
© 2008,  215 pages.
Perhaps the pastoral setting of Minnesota inspired Kevin Cashman to reflect on what makes a leader. His own experience has grounded him in the practical aspects of leadership. What he discovered in his reflection on leadership was that it comes from the inside. As Socrates said, “know yourself.” His conclusion is that you must first know who you are before you can lead. 

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News and Notes

By George Kane
george_head_small.jpgI have for many years held that it is more important to listen to media commentators who are direct ideological opponents than those with whom I am likely to agree. To that end I try to arrange my weekday schedule so that I am in my car driving off to a restaurant for lunch during the half hour following 11:00. That way I can listen on KKMS 980 to Jay Sekulow Live, a production of Pat Robertson’s American Center for Law and Justice. It is the best opportunity that I’ve found to stay up-to-the minute on events related to the separation of church and state. I’m sure that it is not good for my blood pressure, as the purpose of the program is for Jay Sekulow and his son Jordan to roil the passions of their conservative Christian audience against strict separationists. It doesn’t matter if I only catch 5 minutes of the program, as that is all that it takes to understand the events covered that day. The program is little more than two minutes of news followed by a succession of callers venting about it.

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2010 Twin Cities Gay Pride Festival

By August Berkshire
gay_pride1.jpgThis year, 41 people took part in our annual participation in the Twin Cities Gay Pride Booth and Parade. We would especially like to thank Matthew Richardson for coordinating the booth volunteers; Steve Petersen, Shirley Moll, Rachel Wilson, and August Berkshire for setting up and tearing down the booth; and Richard Trombley for his photography.

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