Encountering Naturalism

By Grant Steves

Fundamental in my search for answers has been to turn to science and philosophy. Science provides the evidence, and philosophy provides the reasoning strands that bring the evidence together for answers. In Thomas W. Clark’s book, Encountering Naturalism, you will find one rational answer through the philosophical school of naturalism. Clark’s presentation is a simple introduction to naturalism. For a more challenging approach, I would recommend Richard Carrier’s book, Sense and Goodness Without God (2005) and the website: www.centerfornaturalism.org.

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Minnesota Atheists at the Movies: Shutter Island

By Jack Caravela

For our March 7th Reel and Meal, fifteen intrepid atheists journeyed to the Rosedale 14 Theatre in Roseville, Minnesota to see Martin Scorsese's recently released film Shutter Island. This homage to film noirs of old seemed a natural choice for us, promising both suspense and fine performances by a number of distinguished actors, including Ben Kingsley and Max von Sydow. Later, over pizza and hoagies at a nearby Davanni's, the consensus was that while none of us were disappointed on either count, the film was not quite what we expected.

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I Don't Believe in Theists

By Ryan Sutter

In an interview during the Vancouver Olympics on February 24th, bobsledder Lyndon Rush took advantage of his position as an Olympic athlete to tell the world that he doesn’t believe atheists exist. He went on record stating that there are no atheists at the top of bobsled runs, arguing: “Maybe they're not in a period of their life where they believe in God, I guess. I don't know. I don't really believe in atheists.”

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Minnesota Atheists Meetup Events in the South Suburbs (and Target Field)

By Eric Jayne

The public elementary school I attended had a no homework policy on Wednesdays. This policy was implemented to assure schoolwork didn’t interfere with church activities which were commonly held on Wednesday evenings. I was one of the many children who experienced the weekly indoctrinating, mind conditioning, brain washing AWANA classes (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed) held at a church. Back then I believed in God but I didn’t want to learn about Him on Wednesday nights, especially when The Fall Guy was on TV!

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