Remembering Vic Chesnutt (November 12, 1964 - December 25, 2009)

By Greg Peterson

A week after Vic Chesnutt's death by intentional overdose at Christmas, I wanted to do a little homage to the musician at a gathering of friends and family.  I was the real fan...not everyone there knew him. So I put on one of his recent albums, Skitter on Takeoff, and poured a round of drinks for the circle. From the music coming from the speakers, I think everyone understood my affection for this singer. His voice has a broken, emotive eloquence, and his lyrics are evocative and poetic.

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"Let My People (and ONLY my people) Go!"

By John Robinson

I recently had a conversation on the subject of gay marriage with an acquired relative who is proudly, loudly Catholic. It is her adamant opinion that gay citizens should accept only civil union status and that the term “marriage” is entirely out of bounds for homosexuals. Curious about how she could defend a policy of “separate but equal” I continued to debate her despite my prescient knowledge of where the conversation would lead.

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Looking Ahead

By Eric Jayne

Predicting the future has been as popular throughout human history as sex and war. The problem with most prognosticators, however, is that their predictions are so vague that just about any significant event can be interpreted as a validation of said predictions. My following predictions for the next decade might be many things, but “vague” is not one of them. I have taken a more audacious approach by injecting specificity, so take that Nostradamus!


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January Meeting Review

george_head_small.jpgBy George Kane

Our first public meeting of the decade got off to a rocky start as members and interested newcomers arrived at the Ridgedale Library. The meeting room there, it turned out, was booked for a local Democratic Party meeting. A phone call over to the Southdale Library discovered that we were, in fact, booked there instead. The group was forced to move the presentation by State Representative Phyllis Kahn to the Southdale Library, but first Chair Jack Caravela convened a business meeting, in the hall outside the Ridgedale meeting room. There we conducted the nomination of officers for the coming year, as required by our constitution. The candidates’ campaign biography statements appear beginning on page four.

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Camp Quest News

By Jeannette Watland

If someone were to ask me four years ago what my happy place was like, the answer would be very different than what it is today. I have never been a fan of the outdoors. I'm not athletic and have never been camping. Camp Quest of Minnesota has completely changed my perception of ‘happy.’ I'll even be so bold as to say that it has completely changed my life.

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