Local Response to Atheist Sponsored St. Paul Saints Game


aints playersHere are three letters to the editor from the St. Paul Pioneer Press about our atheist-sponsored baseball game where the St. Paul Saints were re-branded to the Mr. Paul Aints.

7/16/14: I went to a Saints game on a date night with my wife on July 11 ("A night of 'unbelievable' fun," July 10). Imagine my surprise to learn that the Saints made a huge blunder by aligning with the Minnesota Atheists for the day.


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News and Notes: July 2014

By George Kane

george head smallIn the June issue, this column reported with alarm the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the case Township of Greece v. Galloway, which did more to undermine the Establishment Clause than any previous decision. This month, surprising good news came from the Court: it denied certiorari to an appeal of a ruling that the Elmbrook School District may not hold high school graduation ceremonies in a church. Justice Antonin Scalia issued a scathing dissent, however, that revealed his blueprint for rendering the Establishment Clause meaningless and effectively demolishing the wall of separation between church and state.


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