Atheism and Religion at the Ol' Ballgame

By Eric Jayne

soles at the gateThe Minnesota Twins will be holding their first ever “Faith Night” at Target Field on Aug. 29. That’s exactly three weeks after the minor league St. Paul Saints hold “Atheist Night” at CHS Field. I’m certain that both games will be fun but since I’m from the expanding group of religiously unaffiliated (aka “nones”) I am most excited about the unbelievable brand of fun with the St. Paul Saints this Saturday. They are the only professional sports team in the country to hold such an event, but I’ve been wondering if the Twins and other sports teams will someday take advantage of the opportunities received by appealing to their own nonbelieving fans.

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Remembering Bob Nienkerk

August Berkshire wrote and read this tribute at the memorial for Robert Nienkerk on June 29, 2015.

nienkerkNature just provided us with a brief rainstorm, so we would all have something that Bob would have appreciated: nice clean cars!

In early 1984, Madalyn Murray O’Hair and Jon Murray came to the Twin Cities, on their second or third attempt to try to form a chapter of American Atheists here. This time it worked, and a bunch of us, including Bob & Marilyn Nienkerk, started the Twin Cities Chapter of American Atheists, which became Minnesota Atheists seven years later.

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Washington County Decision is Status Quo for Atheists

By Stephanie Zvan

stephanie zvanOn May 4, U.S. District Judge Joan Ericksen dismissed a lawsuit filed on behalf of Atheists for Human Rights as moot. The suit was filed when a marriage officiant certified by AFHR had their filing of that certificate rejected by Washington County on the basis that atheists were not among the groups authorized as marriage officiants under Minnesota law. Ericksen dismissed the suit when Washington County reversed its decision and declared it should have accepted AFHR’s certificate at the start.

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