MN Atheists Seeks to Change Law to Allow Atheists to Perform Marriages

By August Berkshire

august headMinnesota Atheists has restarted our process to change Minnesota state law to allow atheist leaders to conduct civil marriages. We began this project a few years ago but then the marriage amendment and the marriage equality legislation intervened. We knew that the Minnesota state legislature was not going to tackle both gay and atheist marriage issues in the same year.

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Board Report - October 2013

By Jill Carlson

jill carlsonAt the September board meeting, the Board voted to sign a lease on rental space at the Wesley Center in Downtown Minneapolis for $200 per month for one year. This arrangement failed when it was later determined that the space was already rented by another tenant. The Board agreed to continue to search for affordable spaces to display our extensive collection of atheist books that is currently in storage.

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Commentary - Action, Not Semantics, Defines Atheism

By Steve Petersen

steve in actionAt the September Minnesota Atheists meeting with PZ Myers, a classic issue came up in the question-and-answer session: Atheism only defines what we do not believe rather that what we do believe.  I argued that many people are proud to be independent, not dependent, even though this also defines only what they are not. Similarly, the Declaration of Independence is primarily a negation of dependence on Britain, but it is not viewed as a pejorative document, at least not because of its title.

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News and Notes - October 2013

By George Kane

george head smallWisconsin’s state constitution provides excellent protection for the separation of church and state, defining it more clearly than the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Since the state legislature is now firmly in thrall to the religious right, however, both houses have taken up a constitutional amendment to eviscerate that protection.

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