Last February Atheists Talk celebrated its 300th episode by jamming the studio full of radio hosts. This Sunday Maddy Love sits down with Brianne Bilyeu to continue that celebration by sharing clips of some past guests and discussing how the Minnesota Atheists Public Policy Positions help keep the show relevant regardless of whatever the current religious entanglements happen to be.

Atheists Talk doesn’t settle for simply not believing in deities of any type, but believes in discussing and taking on issues across a wide variety of secular humanism issues where they intersect with atheism and the battle to untangle church from the issues of state.


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Atheists Talk radio and podcast is a communications service of Minnesota Atheists.  Our volunteer producers, hosts, interviewers, and contributors are committed to presenting topics of interest to atheists and humanists. Topics include, but are not limited to, general atheism and humanism, separation of church and state, science, religion, gender, race, culture, and the arts.

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