You have a rainbow sticker on your car.  Someone spray paints, "fAg" and "u r gay" onto your car.  What do you do?  If you're Erin Davies you leave the grafitti on your car and use it to promote tolerence and understanding for homosexuals and as an outlet for homosexuals to feel free from shame and guilt when similar things happen to them.  Hector Avalos joins Grant Steves to talk about "The End of Biblical Studies" which profiles how terrible weak the evidence is for Biblical events in history are and how the field of Biblical Archeology is responding. 
Erin Davies discusses her cross-country campaign against homophobia, driving her "Fagbug" Volkswagon Beetle car.
Website: Fagbug
National Public Radio article and interview: "The Adventures of a Car Named ‘Fagbug' " 
Hector Avalos discusses his book "The End of Biblical Studies."
Iowa State University: Hector Avalos
Wikipedia: Hector Avalos
Book: "The End of Biblical Studies"
Review: "The End of Biblical Studies"
Interview on The Infidel Guy Show

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