(NOTE: The April 24, 2011 show will be be a rebroadcast of this show.)

Chris Hallquist's book UFO's, Ghosts and A Rising God is a tour through skepticism and applied to Christian apologetics. Chris is just finishing his undergrad degree in philosophy at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and is all set to take on the world of grad school philosophy.  He has written published articles on the philosophical approach to examining claims of Christianity and found such apologetics wanting.  Stephanie Zvan will interview Chris in the first segment.
Rick Rohrer, Jamie Sabel and Collin Bonde all volunteer for Minnesota Camp Quest.  Camp Quest is a week long fun way for atheist and agnostic kids to learn about skepticism and to have fun doing so.  Bing Haubrich will also be in the studio with us for the second segment of the show, as the Camp Quest crew talk about how much fun it is, what they learn when they do some weird science.

Atheists Talk is produced by Minnesota Atheists.  Stephanie Zvan is the host, and Mike Haubrich is the director.
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