Drs PZ Myers and Greg Laden will be our guests on today's show.  PZ is in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro for a pair of talks this weekend.  First he will be presenting "The Evolution of Cooperativity" to the Humanists of Minnesota on February 19th, and on the 20th he will be explaining the broader topic of Evolution to the Minnesota Atheists.

PZ Myers is not shy of controversy, as he seems to invoke and generate it at will through his blog, Pharyngula.  He writes about atheism, science, politics from a liberal perspective, zebrafish, critical thinking, pirates, sexism and poorly reasoned e-mails.  Greg Laden joins PZ for a question and answer session in our studios.  Greg generates his own share of controversy at his own blog.

Sunday's show is more open ended than our usual format.  Greg is culling questions posted in the comment section at this post from Greg Laden's Blog.   I invite callers and e-mailers during the live show as well.


Greg Laden's Blog


Dictionary Atheism

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Today's show is produced and hosted by Mike Haubrich.


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