Neil deCrasse Tyson is one of the leading science communicators of our generation.  As the host of Nova Science Now , Dr. Tyson conveys his enthusiasm and excitement for science and his presentation, nixed with wit and humor bring excitement to a variety of topics.  Tyson is the  Frederick P. Rose Director and astrophysicist at the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  He hosts the Star Talk radio show.  He is a frequent guest on the Colbert Report for whenever Colbert needs science to augment truthiness.  Dr. Tyson is the author of several science books for the lay reader.
Greg Laden is a frequent guest and interviewer for Atheists Talk.  Dr. Laden is a biological anthropologist and lecturer at the University of Minnesota, and will talk to Tyson about science communication, science education and the role of magnetism in astrophysics (which is Tyson's specialty.)  
 Neil deGrasse Tyson's home page at The Hayden Planetarium.

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