Choosing one's own death should be the right of every living person facing the process of a long, debilitating, painful terminal illness. Not everyone finds "dignity in suffering," and yet religions insist that the value of "life above all else" trumps individual choice. Eric MacDonald and his wife faced the decision in her choice to end her life. The government of Canada and the authorities of the Anglican Church, of which MacDonald was a priest, threw up legal roadblocks and threats if Elizabeth were to choose to terminate her own life in Canada.

Since his experience, Eric decided that the doubts he had been carrying about his religion could never be resolved considering the weight of the cruelty in not allowing Elizabeth to choose how she was to end her life. He has since become an outspoken atheist, defending the "New Atheists" against charges of shallow philosophy and a light understand of theology. He writes about his interpretations of Church authority and atheism at his blog.

Eric's Blog: A Choice In Dying

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