Revision of history to modify the present is an old trick on the populace.  The United States was not intended to be an officially Christian Nation by the founders, but there is a movement afoot to lie about our basic freedom to disbelieve or believe and be full citizens.  David Barton is the most prominent of the revisionists, quote-mining his way through the past to create the impression that the deists, atheists and secularists who crafted the U.S. Constitution and the republic really wanted to make sure that God smiled on our government and people.  The Liars for Jesus want us to believe that government would be crippled and ineffective without a reliance on Godly teaching and supplication.
Chris Rodda never intended to be a writer, but as an observer of such revisionism she decided that she could not accept what the Liars for Jesus were foisting on an American public willing to accept their distortions.  So, she started researching and writing and finding the source documents the faux historians were so deliberately mangling.  She realized that she would need a three volume book in order to dispel (with these inconvenient things called "facts") the notion that this is an officially Jesus-directed nation.  The first volume of Liars for Jesus is now out and available and Scott Lohman will be talking Rodda about what she has accomplished in her research so far.
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