Providing an oasis of reason in the desert of religious thought, Bart Centre's alter-ego, Dromedary Hump offers an atheist perspective at his blog The Atheist Camel , clarifying the muddles of theists, religion and politics, belief, God, gods, the supernatural; science, reason, reality, logic, ethics, morality and the lack thereof.  Bart has a new book out, The Atheist Camel Rides Again: More Arguments and Observations From the Atheist Front.
Bart is a veteran, a Foxhole Atheist as a matter of fact, who served in Vietnam.  He is the creator and co-owner of Eternal Earth-Bound Pets , a service for pets of potentially raptured person.  He will take care left-behind furry companions if you get sucked up to Heaven unexpectedly.  
Scott Lohman will be talking to Bart about the book, about life, about pets and more on today's show.
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Today's show is produced and hosted by Mike Haubrich.
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