Kevin Zelnio and John Abraham Discuss Climate Change 
The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration has released new temperature norms based on 30 year historical data.  These are the "normals" that meteorologists compare the days' weather to the mean for any particular day.  The temperature norms are higher than they were ten years ago, and ten years ago the norms were higher than those of the prior decade. Denialism has to be very strong in a person in order to pretend that the global climate is not getting warmer.  The data accumulate in the air and in the sea, and on land and indicate with very little uncertainty that human activity is the leading cause of global warming. This is the scientific consensus.  The seas are showing the effects of warmer water, as the level of carbonic acids absorbed into the water are having a dangerous effect on the biosphere under the waves.  Reefs are bleaching. 
At a time when solutions need to be discussed in the public, scientists are facing an increasingly shrill level of "debate" and denial from those who claim that they are alarmists who are crying fire in a crowded theater when there is no need to worry.  Denialists claim the atmosphere is too big and chaotic for us mere humans to have an effect. 
Those of us who are familiar with creationism's means and methods recognize the tactical similarities between creationism and global warming denialism.  Our guests for this show are Dr. John Abraham and Kevin Zelnio.
John Abraham is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering (Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics) at St. Thomas University in St. Paul,  He responded to a presentation made by Chrisopher Monckton at Bethel University.   Monckton is a leading denialist who has many convinced that scientists are lying about global warming, but Abraham showed how this charge is false.   
Kevin Zelnio is a science journalist and blogger at Scientific American Blogs  and at Deep Sea News.    He has written on the effects of the change in climate on the ocean (and our fisheries,)  in addition to far-ranging subjects involving sea invertebrates .  Greg Laden  and Mike Haubrich  will co-host today's show.
 Abraham Reply to Monckton  by John Abraham
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