David Paxson is a national leader on the issue of population growth and stabilization and founder and president of World Population Balance. From their vision statement: "We envision a world where no one suffers in dire poverty and misery for lack of enough food, water, and other basic needs. We see a world where all species thrive and where lower consumption and population are in balance with Earth's finite resources."World Population Balance is further defined by their Mission Statement. "We alert, inform and educate that overpopulation is a root cause of resource depletion, species extinction, and rising poverty. To avoid more misery, catastrophe, and death, we advocate and support a smaller, truly sustainable population."

David Paxson has spoken to audiences across the country and the world including the 1994 UN Population Conference in Egypt. Paxson has dedicated his life to educating the public on population issues. His philosophy is:"He believes that as people learn the realities about the current impact of rapid population growth upon declining global resources, they will take fair and humane action to help stop world and national population growth in order to maintain a viable planet for our children of the future." Paxson believes all people regardless of religious, political and social views can work together to solve overpopulation, and today he talks with the atheists, humanist and freethinkers.

This is David's second appearance on Atheists Talk.

World Population Balance
World Population Balance Mission Statement
Word Population Balance Exponential Growth Tutorial
Population Information Card

Scott Lohman will interview David, and Steve Petersen is the host for today's show. Production and direction by committee.

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