(Ed. 09/11/11 - We weren't able to connect by phone with CJ, but we did the show anyway.) 
On September 11, 2001 terrorists hi-jacked four planes and slammed into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center towers in New York City.  This show will be on the tenth anniversary of that event, another in a series of events that "changed everything."  It did bring more attention to Islam in the United States, in the form of bigotry and fear for people who have no understanding of this religion.  It is a religion of peace, as much as Christianity and other religions.  Islam is the invention of the prophet Muhammad, and is based largely on his interpretation of the Bible and the Gospels and re-interpreted for the Arabic world he sough to unite.
In our effort to promote the understanding of the religions we don't accept, we have invited CJ Werleman back on the show for a second interview.  CJ has written a book to give some background and information on the Koran and Islam.  The book is written in two parts.  The first section is a biography of Muhammad.  It follows his rise from a caravan merchant to the leader of the religion that dominates the Arab culture and has spread throughout the rest of the world.  The second section contains excerpts from the Koran.
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Mike Haubrich is conducting today's interview. Scott Lohman is the host.
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