Glenn Kleier will join Atheists Talk this Sunday to discuss his rousing new suspense thriller, The Knowledge of Good and Evil. Kleier has a background in advertising, marketing and communication. In 1998 he published his first book, The Last Day, which received international acclaim from reviewers. His works of fiction are known for their suspense and controversial interplay of religion and politics in our modern global society.

In The Knowledge of Good and Evil, Kleier examines religious skepticism, belief and faith. The book's main character is Ian, a paranormal investigator and television report who was deeply damaged by the death of his parents when he was a child. He struggles with religion and his anger at God. When he learns of a journey that may prove the existence of God and Heaven, he becomes determined to undertake it. But while he seeks this knowledge, he is blocked by a secret society that will do everything in its power to keep him out.

Join us on Sunday as we discuss the inspiration behind and the creation of The Knowledge of Good and Evil with Glenn Kleier. Interview by James Zimmerman. Hosted by Brianne Bilyeu.

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