This Sunday, February 5th, Australian singer and songwriter Shelley Segal joins Atheists Talk. We'll hear some songs from her new release, An Atheist Album, and learn about her upcoming concerts at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne and in New Orleans for the Annual American Humanists Conference. We'll discuss Shelley's passion for secular activism and find out what's next for this talented, upcoming artist.

More about Shelley from her website: 

Over the last few years, Shelley has become involved in the secular movement and it is a cause that she sees as indispensable. In response to her views, this year Shelley has recorded and released, ‘An Atheist Album.’ The seven songs on the album are her thoughts on religion and related themes, through the prism of her secular humanism. 

Shelley’s musical style is influenced by commercial, folk, jazz, blues and rock genres. As a songwriter, Shelley’s music is often biographical and story-telling in nature.

We hope you can join us this weekend for a secular start to your Sunday morning!

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