Dale McGowan is an accomplished writer and leader in the atheist community. Dale is perhaps best known for his book, Parenting Beyond Belief, the first resource of its kind for freethinkers raising children. He has also written Raising Freethinkers, Voices of Unbelief and two fictional novels, Calling Bernadette's Bluff and Good Thunder. He blogs about his life and family at The Meming of Life.

Dale's newest book, Atheism For Dummies, is now available from Wiley Publishing. From the publisher's website: 

For people seeking a non-religious philosophy of life, as well as believers with atheist friends, Atheism For Dummies offers an intelligent exploration of the historical and moral case for atheism. Often wildly misunderstood, atheism is a secular approach to life based on the understanding that reality is an arrangement of physical matter, with no consideration of unverifiable spiritual forces.

Please join us this Sunday when we speak with Dale McGowan about parenting, his work in the secular communities, and of course, Atheism For Dummies.

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