John Loftus is a former evangelical preacher. He studied under William Lane Craig and earned Master’s degrees in divinity and theology. He is currently an adjunct professor of philosophy, an author, the creator and primary blogger of the popular website, Debunking Christianity, and the founder of the Skeptic Ink blogging network. He is the author of Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity, a co-author of the book God or Godless, and the editor for two books: The Christian Delusion and The End of Christianity.
John Loftus joins Atheists Talk this Sunday to discuss his newest book, The Outsider Test for Faith: How to Know Which Religion Is True. This book seeks to help readers view religion from an outside perspective, to better understand the irrationality of believing in one god (or set of gods) over all others. And it encourages believers to apply the skepticism they have toward other religions to their own.
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