Sunsara Taylor is a writer for Revolution Newspaper and an initiator of and the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride. She is also a very proud atheist who has done a lot of speaking promoting Bob Avakian's book, “Away With All Gods! Unchaining the Mind and Radically Changing the World.”

The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, which runs from July 24 through August 20, is a caravan from both coasts to locations where attacks on abortion rights are most severe. It will stop for one day in Minneapolis, tomorrow, Monday, July 29. Taylor joins us for the first segment of our show to talk about the event and the ride.

When it became known that Jerry DeWitt was an atheist, he lost the job he had been raised to do. He lost his community and his wife. But he gained his freedom and a new community of nonbelievers. In his book, Hope After Faith: An Ex-Pastor's Journey From Belief to Atheism, DeWitt shares his story with us. From the publisher's description:

DeWitt was a pastor in the town of DeRidder, Louisiana, and was a fixture of the community. In private, however, he’d begun to question his faith. Late one night in May 2011, a member of his flock called seeking prayer for her brother who had been in a serious accident. As DeWitt searched for the right words to console her, speech failed him, and he found that the faith which once had formed the cornerstone of his life had finally crumbled to dust. When it became public knowledge that DeWitt was now an atheist, he found himself shunned by much of DeRidder’s highly religious community, losing nearly everything he’d known.

DeWitt’s struggle for identity and meaning mirrors the one currently facing millions of people around the world. With both agnosticism and atheism entering the mainstream—one in five Americans now claim no religious affiliation, according to a recent study—the moment has arrived for a new atheist voice, one that is respectful of faith and religious traditions yet warmly embraces a life free of religion, finding not skepticism and cold doubt but rather profound meaning and hope. Hope After Faith is the story of one man’s evolution toward a committed and considered atheism, one driven by humanism, a profound moral dimension, and a happiness and self-confidence obtained through living free of fear.

Join us this Sunday as DeWitt talks to us about his astounding journey.

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