This program, "The Founding of a Diverse Nation and Ensuing Struggles", will cover the diversity of our Founders. It will also discuss Colonial citizens as a religiously diverse group with multiple competing interests who came together to form a secular Constitutional Republic. Our European past and Colonial history was one of religious persecution and conflict that had a major influence in separating government from religion. As our country evolves and both becomes more religiously diverse and sees its non religious population grow, our nation's Founders wisdom of secular governess becomes more essential to reduce religious strife and conflict.  This program will explore this history with interviewer George Kane, host Brianne Bilyeu, and guest Grant Steves.

Grant Steves has been active in Minnesota Atheists and has hosted the Atheists Talk Television program, as well as been a host and guest on the Atheists Talk radio program, a cofounder of the Secular Bible Study, newsletter contributor, and a retired public school teacher. He has a Doctorate degree in Theology.

Steves recommends the following books:

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