Archbishop Suggests Sharia Be Inserted Into English Law

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The primate of the Church of England, archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, suggests that some aspects of Sharia be inserted into English Law.  Why?  To make British Muslims feel included, rather then excluded from Law.  From a BBC interview, “We must face the fact that some of our citizens do not fully recognise themselves in the British legal system . . . I believe that it would be dangerous to maintain that there exists a single law for all, and that anything  else demanding fidelity and respect is entirely irrelevant in judicial proceedings.”  He does caution later that elements of Sharia which treat women differently or the extreme punishments required would not be included.  So, if you don’t feel you are recognized in one legal system, you can choose to follow another legal system, there is no one Law for all.  This suggestion rejects the humanistic advances of Europe made over the last decades.  For more information, please read this article from by Samir Khalil Samir, sj.

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