That’s a Foul: Female Referee Prohibited From Officiating Boys Game

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In St. Mary’s Kansas, a woman was told by St. Mary’s Academy that she could not officiate a boys basketball game because the school believes that women should not have a position of authority over men and boys.  Michelle Campbell was prohibited from officiating at St. Mary’s Academy, which is owned and operated by the Society of St. Pius X.  The SSPX was founded by FrenchArchbishopMarcel Lefebvre in 1970.  He was later excommunicated by the Pope in 1988 for consecrating four members as bishops. 

The SSPX also believes it is immoral to perform any abortion, even to save the life of the woman, be an organ donor, sterilization in men and women, for any Catholic nurse or doctor to ever deliver or prescribe any form of birth control, lend money for interest, buying or selling anything on Sunday, drink soft drinks, a wife to refuse fulfillment of the “marriage debt,” and perform jazz, rock, or gospel music for money.  The Kansas State High School Activities Association can not force the school to change its policy, and it is asking for a written policy indicating the practice of prohibiting women referees at boys events.  However, if it does have a policy, the Association could take away the Academy’s ability to play against member schools.  You can read the story here. You can read more about the SSPX at their website here.

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