PZ Myers, Biology Professor from UMN Morris Removed From ‘Expelled,’ a Creationist Film Screening

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No, we don’t mean to imply PZ Myers, a biology professor from the University of Minnesota, Morris, was removed from the footage in the film which had the title “Crossroads,” and was to be about religion and science.  PZ Myers, who appears in the film, and is thanked in the credits, was removed from an advanced screening of the film while he was in line with his family, and a few guests.  Free tickets were provided to interested guests, and PZ registered in advance under his own name.

Dr. Richard Dawkins, who was in town for the American Atheists National Conference in Minneapolis, was a guest of PZ Myers that evening, and was not expelled from “Expelled.”   PZ Myers was asked by a security guard to leave the theater on request of the film’s producer, or else he could be arrested.  When he checked in with his family to coordinate where to meet after the film, he was told to leave immediately.  Good natured that PZ Myers is, he complied.  Unfortunately for the producer, PZ Myers contributes to a blog with an extremely high Alexa rating, and posted his tale from the Apple Store at the mall.  

Also in attendance were fellow Minnesota Atheists who provided their own account. Kristine Harley can be read here .  Mike Haubrich sounds off here.  Greg Laden has collected various links to the story here.  Among them, The New York Times, the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, and Salon.com.  A bit of art from Digital Cuttlefish has been drafted in honor of the event.

To hear the tale from Dr. Dawkins and PZ Myers in a pleasant, conversational tone, please watch the video provided by the Official Richard Dawkins website

Mark Mathis could not have been better at providing so much negative attention to an already struggling movie.  By exposing the tactics of the producer in a highly ironic way, a larger segment of the public should recognize the value in the scientific method, rather then theologically-based teaching of Intelligent Design Creationism.

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