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If you’ve been sitting on the fence wondering if you should join Minnesota Atheists or not, now is the time to decide.  Now through the end of July, any donation over $5, and every new or renewal membership will receive a 3″x4″ Minnesota Atheists removable window sticker.  You can stick them in your car, in your house, or any glass surface you’d like.  The face has an ultra removable adhesive, so your statement can be as permanent or temporary as you’d like.  Why should you join Minnesota Atheists?

  • Minnesota Atheists is one of the most active atheist organizations around.  We pride ourselves in providing a friendly community where people can talk about whatever they like.  We have members who organize informal dinners around the Twin Cities.  It’s a great way to get to know your friendly neighborhood atheists.
  • Minnesota Atheists are proud to fly in guest speakers during the year to speak to the public about topics which we find interesting.  Previous speakers include, Robert M. Price, PZ Myers, Hemant Mehta, Lori Lipman Brown, Dale McGowan and Stu Tanquist.
  • Minnesota Atheists is a not for profit educational organization.  To serve our mission of educating the public about atheists and atheism, members are asked to serve on panel discussions and make presentations to classrooms in high schools and colleges.  We occasionally participate in debates about the existence of a god or gods.  The response to this outreach and education has been very positive, both from atheists, and non-atheists.
  • Minnesota Atheists strongly support the end of discrimination based on sexual orientation.  We provide information about our organization at various Gay Pride events around the state over the summer to make more people aware of where our organization stands.
  • Minnesota Atheists produce a public access cable show called “Atheists Talk.”  Every month, we tape a full hour of programming to be broadcast all over the state on different cable networks.  Your donation allows us to continue to provide interesting shows which are later turned into online videos.
  • Minnesota Atheists produce a one hour live radio show, “Atheists Talk,” on Sunday mornings at 9AM on AM 950 KTNF in the Twin Cities.  Through generous donations and advertisers, we can continue to attract interesting guest speakers from around the world, such as Richard Dawkins, Eddie Tabash, and Matt Cherry.
  • Minnesota Atheists supports the separation of church and state, as provided by the US Constitution.  We actively watch government to ensure the rights of atheists and non-atheists are not infringed.
  • All of our outreach events are free to the public.  Flying guests in, renting tables and tent space, participating in marches,  producing a radio show, and publishing our website could not be done without the generous support of our members and donors.
  • Members receive voting rights in the organization to elect board members.  Members can run for “At-Large” Directorships after six months of continuous membership.  Members can run for any position after one year of membership.
  • Members will receive a copy in the mail of our newsletter, the “Minnesota Atheist.”  To save some paper, and mailing costs, you can elect to receive your newsletter by email.

  So, the window sticker is a bit of a ploy, but by supporting Minnesota Atheists, you’re able to help educate the public about atheists and atheism, protect the rights of non-believers, and support a strong community of friendly atheists.  Thank you to our members and supporters.  Without your support none of the things we do are possible.   Click here to join.Click here to donate.Click here to support the radio show.

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