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Cover of Worlds of Their Own.

Worlds of Their Own, A Brief History of Misguided Ideas: Creationism, Flat-Earthism, Energy Scams, and the Velikovsky Affair by Robert J. Schadewald is now available.  Minnesota Atheists member Lois Schadewald has posthumously published her brother’s collected works on pseudoscience.  If you have ever wondered what makes pseudoscientists tick, how they think, and how they can find truth is such bizarre ideas, this book is for you.  

You can hear Lois Schadewald talk about the book on our radio show.  We also have a review available.  You can visit the book’s website, Worlds of Their .  If you want to purchase the book, it is available from the following sellers: Xlibris,,,, or visiting your favorite bookseller.  If they don’t have the book in stock, you have have them order it for you.  The hardcover ISBN is 978-1-4363-0435-1, and the softcover is 978-1-4363-0434-4.  

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