Bookmaker Raises Odds for the Existence of God to 4-1

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Blaise Pascal

Paddy Power, a bookmaker in the UK which started only two months ago, has begun to offer bets on the existence of God and collected more than £5,000 in bets.  Currently, the odds stand at 4-1, spreading as far as 33-1 when the Large Hadron Collider malfunctioned.  Citing the recent introduction of atheist advertising on London’s buses, which mention that, “There probably is no God,”a spokesman for Paddy Power thinks that the increase in betting is the result of increased public discussion over the existence of God brought on by the advertisements.  

The booking agent stands to lose  more than £50,000 if proof for the existence of God is found.  Before anyone cashes in, however, scientists will have to verify the proof offered.  

Betting on the existence of God is not new.  In the 17th century, Blaise Pascal reasoned that one had nothing to lose, and everything to gain by having religious belief.  

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