February Radio Show Report

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By Mike Haubrich, Director, Atheist Talk Radio Show

I appreciate that August has shown the confidence in me to turn over the directing and scheduling duties to me. I wish to salute August for the hard work he has done in building this project. I think our shows are getting stronger by the month.

Stephanie Zvan is now the regular host, and I will remain as the backup host. In recent shows we have had science discussions with Perry Hackett and PZ Myers over the top life science stories of 2008; we have had Michael Newdow on to explain the suit to enjoin Chief Justice Roberts from appending “so help you god” from the inaugural oath and we had Dan Barker on the show to talk about his new book Godless. It was a pleasure for me to meet Dan and Perry in person and that is one of the benefits I take from being on the show.

Todd Allen Gates, finally, got his full show as we had two previous appearances cut short or cut out because of technical difficulties. Please listen to upcoming shows, as we will have shows on living morally as atheists, the humanism of Star Trek and a special show discussing Darwin and the Bell Museum. We are trying to schedule Richard Dawkins for the March 1 show.

For the remainder of this contract with KTNF, all of our sponsors renewed their contracts, but we appreciate further donations as sponsors don’t cover all of the costs. I have proposed an incentive for donations, and I think it is very special.

If you would like to dedicate an entire show to a special person, all you need to do is donate $175.00 to the radio fund. We will announce the dedication during the show, and it is similar to a fundraising technique used for Minnesota Public Radio. It’s a great way to tell someone you really think highly of them.

Planning is still in the works for where we will take the show when the current six month contract ends. More details as we start to solidify our blueprint.

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