New Members!

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By Steve Petersen

The members of Minnesota Atheists should be excited about the incoming board of directors.  This marks an historic moment in the organization’s history.  For the first time, no founding member will serve on the board.  Minnesota Atheists was incorporated on September 21, 1991, and I filed the papers myself.  The gauge that some of us founders set was that the organization will be successful when the founders are succeeded by other volunteers.  It has taken eighteen years of planning and working by so many, but the goal of passing the torch to the next generation of atheist leaders will happen.  This is not a change based on agreement of how things should be done, but agreement in the principle of keeping us moving forward in our founding purpose of creating an atmosphere of respectability for atheists.  Our objective has a long way to go before it will be met, but today each member can feel proud because we stand a better chance of reaching our goal of society’s knowledge of atheists today than yesterday.

The members nominated this January and to be elected this February are a good mix of long-time members and newer members who each bring a set of experiences to the board that will enable Minnesota Atheists to be on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s communication needs.  This is a board I look forward to supporting and assisting in their efforts to move us into years of future growth and thus enhancing our outlook for years to come.

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