March Cable TV Report

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By Steve Petersen and James Zimmerman

In January James Zimmerman led a panel discussion with members Jack Caravela and Ryan Sutter on the Christianity of America. In Part One, they discussed America’s formative years.  The program began by discussing the freedom of religion many European settlers desired.  Next, they discussed the beliefs and religious affiliations of the Founding Fathers.  They also discussed arguments put forth by those who assert America is a Christian nation.

Photo of guests and host on cable set.

In Part Two, they compared the Christianity of contemporary America with several time periods in the past.  They discussed the religion climate during the first decades after independence, as well as the temperance movements, abolitionists, and progressives that proliferated during the Gilded Age. They lastly address the religiosity of America during the era between the two World Wars and during the post-war years.  The show concluded with Jack suggesting books to read for more information.. If you would like to help on the cable program or sponsor the program on your cable access station or have ideas for future programs please contact me at

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