March Radio Report

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By Mike Haubrich

Atheists Talk continues to be a solid outreach program for the Minnesota Atheists, and I am pleased to report that plans are in the works to branch into two separate projects related to the show.

August Berkshire is going to pilot a hybrid version of the show on KTNF radio, using his skills at outreach and dialog with the religious. There is the possibility that the new show, a shared program with a theistic co-host, may be picked up by KTNF as one of their own shows! Please show support for this project by listening and encouraging your friends to listen.

On the next track, the current show will be moving to an internet-based podcast show. Stephanie Zvan, our current host, will work with me on ensuring a smooth transition towards this program. We will endeavor to continue the format as it has developed, breaking the interviews into segments. Rather than playing commercials during the breaks, we will provide the various subcommittees opportunity to submit brief reports.

Brent Michael Davids, a gifted composer, is developing an original musical theme. He also will be creating variations on that theme so we will be proud of the music we use for lead-ins and fade-outs.

The podcasts will be hosted on a server with high-speed broadband access, with a scheduled “live” show along with a podcast. I have had several non-atheists approach me when they recognized me as the host of the morning show, saying that they like the show. I don’t want to lose a “broadcast” appeal. However, with a podcast format we will be able to record events outside of the studio and present edited versions on the show.

Our recent shows have featured author Eric Maisel; August Berkshire, Steve Petersen, Crystal Dervetski, and Jeannette Watland in The Changing of the Guard; Greg Laden interviewing biologist and philosopher Massimo Pigliucci and Celebrating Darwin at the Bell, overseen by Lynn Fellman.

Upcoming shows will feature an examination of the humanism of the Star Trek Universe; Peter A. Lipson the guardian against medical woo;, Biologist Sean Carroll of the University of Wisconsin and David Eller.

For more details on each show, visit the Radio Page at

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