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Special Thanks All Around

I would like to thank everyone who helped make Richard Dawkins’ lecture, “The Purpose of Purpose,” a success for Minnesota Atheists.  Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists could not have arranged or promoted an event as large as this lecture was without the support of Minnesota Atheists, and I’d like to thank people who helped in ways great and small.  I’d like to thank people who took their time and paper to flyer for the event in coffee shops and libraries around the state, including George Kane, Crystal Dervetski, Vic Tanner, and Jeannette Watland.  It’d like to thank the crew of the Atheists Talk Radio Show for putting out the good word, including Mike Haubrich, Stephanie Zvan and the entire Radio Show Committee.  I’d like to thank Grant Steves and Jack Caravela for organizing interesting events to tell people about at the table, including Newbie Nights, the Watchmen Meal and Reel, and How to Debate.  I’d also like to thank Scott Lohman and the Humanists of Minnesota for providing our next big event, the Humanism of Star Trek on March 15 at 2 p.m. at the Southdale Public Library.  I’d like to thank Mike Haubrich, Jeannette Watland, August Berkshire and Jack Caravela for talking to curious people at the table.  If I am forgetting anyone, I apologize, but your help is appreciated.

I’d also like to thank everyone who took the time and money required to be present at the event, including members from groups far away, like the Iowa Secularists, Rochester Area Freethinkers, Central Minnesota Friends Free of Theism, Campus Atheists and Agnostics at Minnesota State University, and Lake Superior Freethinkers.  If you are not part of a local freethought organization, consider participating or becoming a member.  The more people come out in support together, the faster our collective goals will be reached.

About Minnesota Atheists

Minnesota Atheists is the state’s largest and most active atheist organization.  We are a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Educational Organization.  We can’t do what we do without dedicated, generous support from many people.  Because of volunteers, we can produce a weekly radio show, monthly cable show, monthly newsletter, make presentations to schools about atheism, and offer monthly meetings to the public.  Our mission is simple, provide a welcoming community for atheists, educate the public about atheism, and support the separation of state and church.  If you like what we’re doing, consider the many ways you can be a part of this exciting group!

How to Get Involved

Join Meetup is the best way to stay in touch with other Minnesota Atheists.  It’s free to sign up and you can RSVP for events, get notified when new events are announced, see pictures of who is going to be at which events, and talk about what ever interests you on our discussion board.  The best way to participate is to actually show up at events.  Feel free to jump into any event, even if you don’t know anyone.  We’re a pretty friendly group.

Sign Up for Our Emails

“If you are interested in us, we are interested in you,” is a slogan we use on our radio show and cable TV show.  The more we know about you, the better we can make the organization.  If you update your profile with your address, we can choose locations for events closer to where you live.  We can also send you special announcements from Minnesota Atheists.  If you are interested in volunteering, you can let us know through your profile as well.  If you have a website, we want to know that too!  Please sign up for our emails here.

Write an Article

Minnesota Atheists publish a newsletter once a month.  If you’d like to try your hand at atheist journalism, contact our editor, James Zimmerman, at

Work With Our Media

Minnesota Atheists produce a weekly radio show on AM950 KTNF as well as a monthly cable TV show.  We are also working on improving our website.  If you have any experience working with a Joomla, or Drupal framework, your help would be most appreciated.  If you’d like to get involved in any program, send an email to web@mnatheists,.org, and you’ll be put in contact with either producer.

Offer Suggestions

While Minnesota Atheists can’t do everything our members suggest, we wouldn’t be so innovative without input from people like you.  Send me an email at with your thoughts.

Become a Member

Membership in Minnesota Atheists includes voting rights and if you elect, a mailed paper newsletter.  It isn’t much, but we make every dollar of your membership count!

Wear a T-Shirt

For any general donation over $12, you can receive a t-shirt as a gift.  Wear it out in public, wear it proudly!

Final Thanks

Whether you attended the lecture by Richard Dawkins, or not.  Whether you are a member of a freethought organization, or not.  Thank you for being interested in Minnesota Atheists.

Dr. Richard Dawkins, Campus Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists, SSA, CFI, Hillel, PZ Myers, the Department of Anthropology at the U of MN and Minnesota Atheists, including the leadership, both past a present, deserve many thanks for pulling off one very interesting evening.

Also, thanks to people who just signed up to receive email at the event.  This is your first step toward becoming part of a dynamic freethought organization.  As members past and present will tell you, Minnesota Atheists works!

Bjorn Watland
President, Minnesota Atheists

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