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The co-sponsored Secular Bible Study met for the first time February 24. Forty-five people attended and appeared to be engaged in the discussions. Chester O’Gorman is a co-leader and sponsored through the out-reach program offered by Trinity Methodist Church. Grant Steves is a co-leader and sponsored by the MNA. The Secular Bible Study group has men and women of all ages and a diversity of beliefs. Chester started the meeting with introductions of the participants, and Grant announced the rules of dialog. The large group was divided into five smaller groups to begin reacting to the first chapter of the book of Genesis. After discussing for several minutes, we reconvened in the large group to share reactions. Their reflections on the first chapter of Genesis and Enuma Elish of Babylonian origins helped to set the stage for how the study will be conducted: the reading of the text for understanding, but not for spiritual edification necessarily.

The next meeting of the group will be March 17 at 7 p.m. in northeast Minneapolis at Trinity United Methodist Church, 2511 Taylor Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 44418.

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