April Radio Report

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By Mike Haubrich

Mike, Stephanie, and Greg in the recording booth.

Atheists Talk continues to be an important outreach, but the expense of paying for the show is rather high. We have tried an experiment at the request of KTNF, to see if a dialog between an atheist and a theist would generate a larger audience. The first show in that format didn’t work out as we hoped, and so we are going to try another approach. We don’t have anything definite to report on that, yet.

However, we do have some very exciting news. Brent Michael David tipped us off that there will be an opening at KFAI, Community Radio! I sent in the application, and if that works out we would save considerable money, plus the time slot is more conducive to gathering a larger audience. If we are able to land the show with KFAI we will not need to run a separate podcast and we will not renew our contract with KTNF.

In March our guests included Massimo Pigliucci, Greg Laden, Sean Carroll, Scott Lohman, Robert Price Peter Lipson, and Robert Dull. The show with Peter Lipson struck some deep chords with listeners, and I appreciate that Stephanie Zvan was able to arrange that interview.

I would like to emphasize that any member is welcome to make suggestions for guests, and if you are able to arrange a guest you are welcome to do the interview (no radio experience required.) I appreciate the support of the Minnesota Atheists in producing this show. Thank you!

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