The Economist and Camp Quest

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By Bob Schmitz

The July 18th issue of The Economist has a very positive article (p 32) about Camp Quest. It describes the activities of the campers and offers some commentary on the status of atheists in America. Despite the fact that atheists are broadly disliked there has been some improvement according to the writer, who reports that “the proportion who say they might vote for an atheist has doubled in the past half-century.” Although five percent admitted they would not vote for a qualified black candidate in a recent poll, 53% still say they would “shun” a qualified atheist candidate. The poll source was not cited.

“The kids are taught to question everything,” the article states. “They also learn about the scientific method while examining bugs in a pond. Many of the kids at Camp Quest say that, at school, they either keep quiet about their lack of belief or are teased for it. What they like about Camp Quest is that no one tells them they are going to Hell.”  

Members of the Humanists of Minnesota and Minnesota Atheists volunteered their time and talent to making Camp Quest a success this past summer. Reading this article in such a prestigious paper does make one proud to be a member of both organizations.  

To read these articles go to and access the July 18th issue.

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