Inclusive Celebration?

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Minnesota Atheists’ Treasurer Andy Flamm wrote the following letter to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, which was published in their December 23rd edition. –ed.

I was shocked at “The Christmas season” (Dec. 17). Among the letter writer’s outrageous assertions is that we are in the midst of the “Christmas” season, not the “holiday” season. Last I knew, there were several other holidays this time of year, including New Year’s, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice and, yes, Kwanzaa. Who is the writer to claim that only those who share her faith have a right to celebrate the season? As for businesses that accommodate those of all beliefs in marketing their goods and services, I salute them. They are being inclusive without hurting anyone. The writer is welcome to restrict her glad tidings to those in her identity group, but how dare she suggest that others must be excluded?  

Finally, her suggestion is ridiculous that nativity scenes on public property and prayer in public schools were banned because of “one or two people” and “an atheist” being offended. Those unfortunate efforts to force the majority religion on our entire society were banned because they violated the great Constitution of the United States, and such bans are strongly supported by a majority of Americans, religious or not.

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