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By Jeannette Watland

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If someone were to ask me four years ago what my happy place was like, the answer would be very different than what it is today. I have never been a fan of the outdoors. I’m not athletic and have never been camping. Camp Quest of Minnesota has completely changed my perception of ‘happy.’ I’ll even be so bold as to say that it has completely changed my life.

As adults many of us feel uncomfortable, unwanted, and discriminated against in a society where religious beliefs are valued. However, we have various social outlets and the experience needed to deal with feeling different. Unfortunately this is not true for many children in our community. There are few to no student groups for freethinking young people until they go to college. I have heard many stories of bullying and isolation just because a child didn’t subscribe to a particular religious belief. Camp Quest offers one week where children can escape and be themselves.  

We teach critical thinking skills, how to be ethical without religion, and the knowledge that they aren’t alone. We also throw in typical camp activities such as swimming, camp fires, archery, and crafts to make for a memorable week. I am honored to be able to be a part of it.  

There are also three ways you can become a part of the Camp Quest tradition:

  1. You can send your children,
  2. You can volunteer for a week at camp, and
  3. You can donate money.  

Donations go directly to Camp Quest of Minnesota and are used for things such as scholarships, food and snacks, materials, and field trips. For information on ways to help, please visit our website at  

Thank you in advance for supporting such a wonderful organization!

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