No Amazing Grace in the Amazing Race

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By James Zimmerman

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During the February 28th episode of the CBS reality show the Amazing Race, contestants Monique and Shawne (billed as “Moms/Attorneys”) attempted to curry favor with the prime deity of the New Testament. During the leg’s Roadblock, teams were required to lasso a target 18 feet away and pull it towards them to receive their next clue. Though Monique and Shawne arrived at the Roadblock prior to several teams, they were still trying, without success, to lasso the target after all other teams had come and gone.

The women agreed to petition the Christian version of Mithra in an attempt to complete the task. Soon after their audible prayers, they were able to complete the task and continued on to the pit stop. It was unclear if their success was due to Jesus’ intervening assistance, the team’s increasing proficiency (gained from so many prior failures), or simply random chance. The team, however, attributed their sudden success to the Christ, as was evident by their passionate thanks to him once they got in their car and sped onto the pit-stop.  

Nevertheless, this demonstrates the need to be specific when praying to divine beings. Presumably, the team desired to complete the task so that they could continue on to the next leg of the race. However, their prayers only indicated a wish to complete the immediate task and, though they did accomplish that, they checked in at the pit-stop last and were therefore eliminated from the race.  

Neither CBS nor the show’s producers commented on the legality of requesting help from supernatural beings. Jesus could not be reached for comment.

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