Easter, Elk River Style

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by Nathan Ray

I was raised in Elk River and went to church as a child with my family. Around age twelve I was given a choice of continuing to go to church or stop going. The choice was clear: I was done. I knew church was not for me. There were always more questions than answers and some of the things they taught me were just plain stupid. My Mother and brother are still practicing christians, but are supportive of my own beliefs. I’m now 34 and typically keep my beliefs to myself; as people aren’t shoving religion down my throat i am okay with it.

That changed on Sunday, April 4th. While visiting my parents in Elk River (where they live near The Crossing Church), I became very annoyed at car horns honking and people yelling “honk for jesus…Yeah!” After listening to this on Saturday evening and again on Sunday morning I’d had enough. I decided that if they weren’t going to allow me peace then I was going to try to annoy them too. I grabbed a piece of tag board and wrote “there is no god” on it and headed outside to the sidewalk. Within one minute people from the church came over to investigate. I was questioned by several people from the church as well as passersby.  They wanted to know why I did not believe in their god. I didn’t really want to get into any debates so I kept my responses brief. I was amazed at the reactions I received. I was flicked off approximately 30 times, called the devil, told I should go home, and that I was stupid. One young man swerved his car towards me. One lady threw eggs at me – twice. There were a few people that were supportive as well, however. In all, I was out on the corner for around 2 hours; time very well spent. I am planning to go out there again next Easter if they are being loud.

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