Atheists Talk Radio Set to Go Again!

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by Mike Haubrich

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I am excited to announce that our Atheists Talk radio show is going to return to Sunday mornings beginning August first on AM 950 KTNF . This station was formerly known as “Air America Minnesota” and is now called “The Voice of Minnesota.”

The original show served as a great way for people to find out about Minnesota Atheists and the Humanists of Minnesota. Through the KTNF website’s live streaming and our later podcasting, we found listeners in many parts of the world, and listeners in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area who had otherwise not know that we were here and eager to have them as members.

Our show featured great guests who brought to our show a wide range of topics related to atheism and interests shared by many atheists. We discussed science and evolution, art, science fiction, comic book physics, atheism in the military, Camp Quest and even the relationship between atheism and economic systems.

We wish to take our new show in a similar direction and have so far heard from several people who wish to participate. I wish to thank August Berkshire, Stephanie Zvan, Greg Laden, Carrie Iwan, Lynn Fellman, Scott Lohman, Brent Michael Davids, George Kane, and Eric Harmon for being among the initial volunteers. 

I am extending the invitation to people who have never in the past participated, as well. Many of us who worked on the show discovered that despite our initial fears, talking on the radio is actually a fun experience. It always seemed to me that interviews ended too quickly, just as great conversations were beginning. If any of our members would like to schedule a guest and then do an interview, you are welcome to work through the schedulers to do so.

Finally, funding. This radio program costs money to operate, which was the reason it was discontinued in 2009. We have a more favorable contract with the radio station now, but we still need to raise thousands of dollars to cover operating costs. To kick off our fundraising drive, Randy Quast and August Berkshire have each donated $500. Please consider joining them, in whatever amount you can afford, by donating to the Minnesota Atheists Radio Fund! Your help is greatly appreciated.

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