Attend the Blasphemer’s Ball on May 21 in Hell’s Kitchen!

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Poster for event, featuring God and a red devil dancing.

Here’s a party you just can’t miss—a chance to mix and mingle with the coolest heretics, infidels, and idolaters you’ll ever meet while we revel in the sights and sounds of the most unholy entertainment ever assembled on one stage:

Le Cirque Rouge!

Robots from the Future!

Ocean Cats!

and a surprise special guest!  

It’s on May 21st at 10pm at the perfect venue: Hell’s Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis (80 9th Street South, Minneapolis 55402). Admission is a paltry $5, and proceeds will go to a cause near and dear to our heathen hearts: Minnesota Atheists.

If you haven’t already marked your calendar in indelible ink, here’s the kicker: May 21st is the day evangelicals, led by Harold Camping, believe the Rapture will occur. According to Harold (who blames his last failed prediction in 1994 on “a mathematical error”), his righteous flock will be whisked away to heaven, leaving rest of us to party on. As much as we’d like to wish them a hearty “bon voyage,” it’ll be almost as much fun to mark the midnight hour as the end of yet another apocalyptic non-event.

Be there, or you’ll be confessing your regrets for the rest of the year!

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