August’s Day of Reason Speech from 05.05.11

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By August Berkshire

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America is under attack by Religious Right Christians.  They are attacking women, gay people, workers, voters, doctors, our educational system, our healthcare system, nonChristians, and the poor.

Their policies will result in a loss of civil rights, intolerance, ignorance, illness, suffering, poverty, physical violence, and death.

There seems to be very little they won’t do to appease their jealous, bloodthirsty god.  There seems to be very little they won’t do to desperately try to beat back the tide of knowledge, equality, and freedom that is in the process of relegating their religion to the dustbin of history.

Confronting this assault, we who are celebrating this Day of Reason must stand strong and redouble our efforts to promote health, education, freedom, and equality.

If we are to have faith, it must be faith in our fellow Americans, especially young people, to throw off the shackles of superstition and restore our country to the ideals of the Enlightenment from which it sprang.

To paraphrase the atheist and humanist Bertrand Russell, through science and compassion we can make this world a better place go live in.

Thank you for coming here today.  Let us turn a Day of Reason into a Lifetime and a Society of Reason.

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